Prisam InfoTech Strongly believes that any application will be a successful one, when it delivers more than the expectations of the customers.

Prisam InfoTech has an elegant team, works closely in collaboration with the client’s process team to understand the customer and technology requirements for development and will always be supported by our onsite / offshore team in meeting the expectations.

At Prisam InfoTech, we follow Agile Methodology for project management. We involve our clients at every stage of development process and getting regular feedback from them to ensure delivery of high quality software products.

Prisam InfoTech will follow a phased approach towards developing the application

Our Approach to Managing and Maintaining Your Applications

We take a staged, multi-level approach to the application management and its maintenance. The first stage involves taking over complete responsibility of your systems with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. The second stage is where our proactive approach takes over at various levels.

At the corrective maintenance level, we analyze reported errors and make the necessary modifications to correct them. We use our own exclusive tools and methodologies to resolve problems quickly.

Through ongoing preventative maintenance, Prisam InfoTech helps its clients to minimize the need for corrective maintenance. By finding the root of recurring problems and resolving the issues, maintenance costs can be reduced, performance improved and so does the end user experience.

At the perfective maintenance level, we focus on design enhancements that improve the overall quality of your application. Once our experts have taken care of any corrective and preventative maintenance, they will have in depth knowledge of your application. Thereafter, they can carry out a thorough study with the aim of recommending and implementing modifications that improve the functionality of the application.

The business environment is fast moving and so the business strategies have to change accordingly. Prisam InfoTech can help you to harness the change and take advantage by adapting your application to handle the market driven change of technology. We have a highly skilled team of custom application developers at hand to initiate and integrate any software development requirements that may be necessary.